Discoverer S4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray - PQ 3-Channel 633 x 400
Discoverer S4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray - HQ 4-Channel 633 x 400
Discoverer S4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray -  NQ 5-Channel 633 x 400
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Discoverer S4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray Tru Identiti™

Serious about core tray photography? Then Discoverer S4 is for you. It’s designed with smart technology that streamlines the markup process and optimizes your photo captures.

  • Trays/Boxes Size NQ/NQ2, 114/Pallet
  • Trays/Boxes Size HQ, 93/Pallet
  • Trays/Boxes Size PQ, 69/Pallet

Automate your core
tray photography

Reduce human error through stenciled
labeling and save time through
streamlined photography workflows.

average increase in labor cost savings

Why Choose Discoverer S4?

Core Scanning icon

Streamline Data

Tru Identiti™ stencil is inbuilt on the core box, ensuring painless identification in downstream processes.

Machine Learning Ready

Designed for core tray photography. Derive deeper insights from consistently high-quality core images, and get your data ready for AI.

Imago Core Images

Easily Catalog Images

Works in conjunction with the Imago geological photography software. Experience seamless image captures and delivery to your geology teams like never before.

Distinctly Discoverer

Discoverer® Series 4 Plastic Core Tray
Discoverer Series 4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray
Trouble-free Core Logging

The bold Start indicator gives clarity to drillers and reduces potential errors, and the ID tag holders are moulded into the front and sides of the tray for permanent recording of contents.

Discoverer Series 4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray
Maintains Core Integrity

Your core is protected whether the trays are being transported or stored. Patented flat bottom ensures smooth movement on roller racking. And when stacked, the tray above does not touch the core in the tray below.

Discoverer Series 4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray
Unparalleled Safety

The 360° continuous grip bar around the tray makes handling and lifting so much easier. The tray also stays relatively cool to the touch even when left under the heat of the sun, so there's no danger of burns.

Discoverer Series 4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray
Recycled & ESG-friendly

Made from 100% recycled plastic, saving tonnes of plastic wastes from entering landfills and oceans. And for your peace of mind, it's been quality tested by an independent NATA & ISO-Accredited Plastics Lab.

Available Sizes

PQ, 69/Pallet
HQ, 93/Pallet
NQ/NQ2, 114/Pallet

Trusted by the world’s smartest geologists.

Frame 216

“We made the decision to switch primarily [to Discoverer S4] for the purpose of better photos. The camera frame they supplied us sits perfectly flush around the circumference of two Discoverer trays, enabling us for a nice square on photo every time.”

Geological Services Supervisor

Tried. Tested. Proven.

Following a robust QC Testing Process by Australia’s pre-eminent NATA & ISO Accredited Plastics Lab ExcelPlas, Discoverer is the only Core Tray in the world that has undergone this rigorous independent testing.

Geologists from all over the world

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