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We make smart and efficient core storage that are sustainably sourced and infused with innovation.
Put your trust where the world's biggest miners & explorers put theirs.
Discoverer® Series 4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray | Core storage with built-in Tru Identiti™ stencil technology

Put your trust where the world's biggest miners and explorers put theirs.

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Plastic waste
Leading the environmental shift


tonnes of plastic saved yearly

Discoverer®️ Core Trays are made of recycled polymer, saving over 2,000 tonnes of plastic wastes from entering landfills every year. And the movement just started: Our next goal is 30,000 tonnes by the year 2030.

Discoverer® Recycled Plastic Core Trays

Putting Value to Waste while Providing the Value of Smart Tech

Recycled plastic is just as tough, reliable and technology-pliant as virgin plastic. Innovations are built into these Recycled Core Trays to take your core storage to the future.

Discoverer® Series 4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray
Unique Tru Identiti™ is built into the plastic molding
Streamlines the markup process and eliminates handwriting issues
Discoverer® Series 4 Recycled Plastic Core Trays
Image capture software elevates the core tray photography
Identifies the stenciled info and automatically assigns it to the corresponding database
Discoverer® Series 4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray
Embedded RFID technology renders markings outdated
Ensures the tray can be identified in downstream processes

Experience The Discoverer Difference

Quality Tested

Discoverer is the world's only core tray to have undergone rigorous independent testing by a NATA & ISO Accredited Plastics Lab.

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Worldwide Supply

Available in all parts of the world. Get them on site within 12-24 hours. No more costly downtimes!

“But I’m already using Wood/Metal/Cardboard core boxes...

Why Should I Switch?”

Good question! At the end of the day, it’s all about what suits your needs. But if you’re curious about how your current core trays compare to Discoverer, we’ve compiled straightforward comparisons.

Metal Core Trays vs. Discoverer Plastic Core Trays

Wooden Core Boxes vs. Discoverer Plastic Core Trays

Cardboard Core Boxes vs. Discoverer Plastic Core Trays

Are Discoverer Plastic
Core Trays for you?

While it all boils down to personal preference, market trends show that it is the most advantageous core storage solution.
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You buy for value, not for cost.
You see value in products with 2-3 times the life cycle that have been proven by geologists globally. Pay more upfront but essentially save in the longer term.
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You know that innovation makes things better...
and your team more efficient.
You want to use Core Trays with smart technology to eliminate tedious downstream processes. You’re constantly on the lookout for game-changing geo consumables.
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You care about sustainability in mining.
You recognize that the industry needs to reduce its environmental impacts and want to work with suppliers that can give you eco-friendly options.
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Trusted by the world’s smartest geologists

Get it straight from the geologists and field explorers who love Discoverer Core Trays and the extra-mile kind of customer service that comes with every core box.

Jarrad Everett
Field Operations Manager, IGO Ltd

[On Corewise Automatic Core Saws] Great core saws. The areas for me that set it apart from its competitors are the location of the control panel which is in a safer location and visible for the user and away from water run off, the magnetic core carrier system, a lot thicker gauge metal on the panels (lost count how many other saws prior just turned to rust even when thoroughly cleaned) and the ability to set the speed for different core types. If there is a more capable and safer saw on the market I am definitely yet to find it.

Andrew Paterson
Managing Director, Great Boulder Resources Ltd

[On Discoverer Recycled Plastic Core Trays] This is a great initiative. We're keen to use recycled and biodegradable consumables wherever possible. We've seen cattle die from eating plastic exploration bags - just one unintended consequence to the local environment that we'd obviously prefer to avoid.

Craig Brown
CEO, ECR Minerals PLC

Our drill team and core logging team are very pleased with the recycled plastic Discoverer Core Trays.

Perilya Broken Hill Ltd

I can safely tell you that in my 10 years experience the Discoverer Core Tray is the best tray I've used by a fair margin... These trays have never shown any sign of warping and have always maintained the exact same shape as received. And considering the temp in summer in Broken Hill can reach 40 plus degrees for 2 straight weeks and that most of the time the trays are in direct sunlight with no shade, I would recommend them to anyone.

Independence Nova Pty Ltd

The medium abrasive (Core Saw) Blades offer the best value as they will cut the hard core we have and don’t wear as quickly. We generally get 350 meters plus from these blades, they seem to have a thicker matrix than the [previous] blades [we were using] & definitely last longer.

Field Logistics Coordinator
Northern Star Resources

We have recently swapped to the Discoverer Core Boats [also known as Core Guides] and have had a very positive outcome with the boat lasting a lot longer than the previous ones we had been using. I have now been using the Discoverer Core Boat for just over 4 weeks and it still looks like new, with no damage at all. Previously I was buying new boats every 4 weeks!

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