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Core Trays
What are Discoverer® Core Trays made of?

Since April 2020, all Discoverer® Core Trays have been manufactured from 100% recycled polymer, which is just as robust, tough and chemically inert as virgin polymer. This saves over 2,000 tonnes of plastic wastes from entering landfills and our oceans yearly.

When Discoverer made the switch to manufacturing the Core Trays from repurposed recycled plastic, we needed assurance that this product would last just as long as our original Virgin Plastic Tray that has been proven in the elements since 1993.

Following a robust QC Testing Process, by Australia's pre-eminent NATA & ISO Accredited Plastics Lab ExcelPlas, Discoverer® is the only Core Tray on the global market that has undergone this rigorous independent testing.

Why are you using recycled polymer to manufacture Discoverer® Core Trays?

Recent innovations to polymer recycling have significantly increased the quality of recycled plastic. Now new technologies are able to sort plastic into its different polymers and remove crucial impurities, which have elevated recycled plastic to be just as strong as its virgin counterpart.

With the mining and exploration industry facing increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impacts, we leapt at the chance to switch so we can help out with your corporate social responsibility efforts, and contribute to the future of sustainable mining.

Why do you only manufacture 4 sizes?

The main sizes used in the industry are the H, N, P & B, so we have chosen to invest in these most sought after sizes. We have also standardized the length so that all trays are 1m long. This size was the industry standard in Australia (where Discoverer originated) and many other countries. Offering a standardized mode of core storage also helps minimize stock holdings.

Why is it manufactured as a one-piece mold?

As Discoverer® Core Trays are a one-piece molding, they have no pop rivets and welds which means increased integral strength. This contributes to the robustness of the core tray, making them tougher and last longer.

Are Discoverer® Core Trays manufactured for use in cold climates?

The trays are manufactured for both cold and hot climates. They have been tested and proven from -58°F / -50°C low temperatures to 140°F / 60°C high temperatures.

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